How do you know where to put the needles?

We use a syndrome differentiation process to classify all disorders. We then diagnose which channels are out of balance and insert acupuncture along the affected channels.

How many treatments does it take to achieve results?

Each situation is unique. Generally speaking, acute conditions often resolve within 4-6 treatments, while chronic pain or illness may take 5-15 treatments. Complicated internal disorders require more attention and may mandate a longer duration of treatment.

How often do I need to come in for treatment?

This also depends on the condition. Acute conditions respond well to 2-3 treatments being given per week. Less intense situations and more chronic conditions often warrant weekly treatments. Many patients opt to come once or twice a month for wellness and prevention.

How much does it cost for treatment?

If your insurance does not cover acupuncture we have a cash price that is reasonable. Insurance is billed at the standard rates for Oregon. Call us at 503-252-1731 for rates and seasonal discounts.

Is there anything I need to do before receiving an acupuncture treatment?

Maintain good personal hygiene to reduce the possibility of bacterial infection. Wear loose clothing. Avoid treatment when excessively fatigued, hungry, full, or emotionally upset.

What do I do while receiving an acupuncture treatment?

Relax. There is no need to be frightened. Ask your practitioner any questions you have along the way so that you can get the most benefit possible from the treatment. Do not change position or move suddenly. If you are uncomfortable, tell your practitioner. Some patients experience dizziness, nausea, cold sweat, or faintness during a treatment. This often occurs if you are nervous. Inform your practitioner immediately so he or she can adjust or withdraw the needles. Also let your practitioner know if you feel an increasing amount of pain or burning sensation during the treatment, or if you find the treatment unbearable at any point so your practitioner can adjust or stop the treatment.

What can I expect after an acupuncture treatment?

You may notice a small spot of blood at the location of any of the needle sites, or a small bruise may develop. These are not harmful, and if you are concerned, you should speak to your practitioner.
During or after the first treatment, patients often experience the most dramatic results. Some feel instant and total relief, which may last, or some symptoms may return. In some cases there is no immediate change, but over the next few days there may be relief. You should generally expect to feel better.
Please call with any other questions or concerns.