I only need to go in a few times a year for my migraines. I used to have them many times a week, and now almost never. If I go in for a treatment when one is starting I find it resolves almost immediately, and I am good for many months. Best treatment for migraines I have found.

- LJ

I find that the best relief for my car accident came from acupuncture and Cole has helped me recover quickly. I have been to other therapies in the past, this has worked best. I highly advise trying it.

- TR

Helps a lot on pain level. I feel light after the treatments.

- SW

Working is where I see the benefits. I used to have to take lots of time off work injured, from my manual labor job, now as long as I get treatments when I start to feel it, I can just keep on working and don’t need time off.

- PC

I live in Michigan and only get to Oregon a couple of times a year. It is a joy to relieve my pain with Cole’s treatments, and I must say the atmosphere adds to the response. I would recommend Cole’s treatments as good advice in pain relief.

- RR

I’ve noticed significant improvement after only just a few treatments. I definitely recommend coming here. I have peripheral neuropathy and have been treated with conventional acupuncture for over a year. I believe Cole’s new techniques to be more effective.

- GK